We transformed a shy office into a today’s considered one of the best and more exclusive office in São Paulo.

Taking part in large publications and decoration exhibits, for example CASA COR SP, recognized by clients as one of the most innovative and accessible of the market, and the most important too, we translate the wishes, the individual needs of our customers into the purest reality.

Our projects present one singular characteristic, a marriage between art and luxury. We work with the best art galleries in São Paulo, like the Casa Triângulo with Ricardo Trevisan as a curator, Fortes Vilaça, Zipper with Fabio Cimino and Nara Roesler.

The 250 finished projects in the interiors of residences, conceptual and unique, in the construction sites, construction solutions, topcoat choices, furniture designs, layout of multilevel corporative, real state enterprise in the midland of São Paulo, common condominium areas, interiors of tricked out apartments for sale, all of them show the office’s personality, the line of thought always present from the start.

Fell at home, fell at your home, always. Works and projects published in countless mass media corporations (Casa Vogue / Casa Claudia /Kaza/ Arquitetura e Construção/ Folha de São Paulo/ Estado SP/ Innumerable citations on the internet like Eye4design, Radar design and Designboom.)

Important decoration exhibits participations:


We are one of the neo-upbeat decor offices that has been gaining attention thanks to the sophisticated layouts and to the participation in the main events, like Mostra Black and Artefacto exhibitions, a cosmopolitan.

“The projects could be well made here in SP, NY or anywhere around the world.”

We accomplished more than 200 gardens since from the start, continuing with one of the best crew in project for corporative companies and final costumers. Bowered in massif wood, drawing of pools, gourmet areas, determination of vegetables species and their regional and climate characteristics and lighting industry.

MOSTRA BLACK MAGAZINE (text withdrawn from publication)

“When we talk about architecture, we can hardly imagine something that is not at least dazzling”. This fascination in creating charming spaces comes from a professional that breath an accurate lifestyle, suitable with the present. This is Fabio Morozini, an architect known for bringing together art and luxury in his projects, from the simplest detail to the most innovative solutions. Since 1996, he acts with contemporary proposes and with great visual impact in many different Brazilian and foreign capitals. Accounting more than 250 finished projects, Fabio likes the versatility at full test. His inspirations are basically memories of life, the scents of childhood and a certain smell of “new thing”. His object of desire is a marble luminary, Snoopy model of Flos, by the designer Achille Castiglioni, that reveals a personality without mistery and, yet, leaves a message: “Believe it, dare it, research it, click it, then, get out of your house”.

Casa Cor SP 2015 Magazine (text withdrawn from publication)

“Inspiration: imagining an address in the mountainous regions, Fabio dressed the interior of the house proclaimed as a historical heritage with natural coats and fornitures such as a linen cover couch, cowhide armchairs and aged wood tables. Hall, living with fireplace, gourmet kitchen integrated with the dining room and wine cellar compound the refuge. “To get in the mood, I created an aroma which refers to the field”, tells the architect.”